We have a few different options for you:

Option One - Rollercoaster Parents Network - our public Facebook Page

We post a few times a week. Sometimes it's a link to an article, sometimes it's just something we found amusing or contains well-placed words of wisdom for the Rollercoasters. Feel free to stalk us! - Click Here To Access The Facebook Page

Option 2 - Rollercoaster Buckle Up - our online course (Coming Soon)

This is a 10 week course we run 4 times per year, and lines up with the NSW School terms. The cost is $197. This course is truly mind-blowing and we take Rollercoasters through the ride stages, including:

  • Venting
  • Normalising and gaining perspective
  • The truth about boundaries
  • Understanding where teenagers are coming from and what impacts them (yes, social media, drugs, sexualisation, peer groups and school issues are here!)
  • What happens to you when your stress levels go off the scale 
  • Forgiving yourself and moving forward
  • Planning for the future/letting hope back in

We use a combination of video, printouts, reading material and, most importantly, our online discussion forums. Please note we have the option for you to post your comments/questions anonymously if you choose.

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Massive Bonus! (that's as good as I get at salesspeak!):

Rollercoaster Circle - our Closed Facebook Page is free for Rollercoasters on the Buckle Up Programme. 

Option 3 - 1 on 1 Consultations

I do clinics in my home town (Newcastle) every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday.

Book an Appointment

The cost is $167 per one hour consultation. Under an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Plan you are allowed up to 5 subsidised sessions for allied health professionals, such as Occupational Therapists within each calendar year.  

Check our Special Offer - 3 Sessions for $497.

You must initially be referred from a GP in order to utilise the Medicare rebate of $50.95 per session. 

Option 4 - R​ollercoasters Rumble

Half day seminars where we get great speakers, present fantastic information and re-energise. Look out for these announcements in your inbox.

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