Relaxation Tips

Ok it’s been one of those days and you don’t know if this situation can go on. Firstly all I can say is breathe, small I know, but please just take a deep breathe, from deep down in your lungs, breathe using your whole body and release.

There is hope, and a way forward, it may not be what you had envisaged but it may be the path you are meant to be on.

Some here are some side trips you could try:

  • It’s time to make it about you. Have you stopped doing the things you loved due to the pressures. Well it time to claim them back, even if it is only one a week or fortnightly, you need to remember who you are, and that you are important and are more than your current situation.
  • Is it time you talked to a professional? Professionals are just not for your teen, but for the whole family if required. It is a sign of strength that you are willing to seek help when you know your ride is getting tough and you need more tricks for the bag to deal with your teen.
  • Get onto our forums and participate in the discussions with other parents who maybe experiencing the same tribulations as you. Sometime just sharing with someone, who knows what you are going through can help.
  • Exercise. When we exercise a whole gamut of good hormones are released to help us stabilise our moods. This exercise can take the form of what works best for you. It could be a walk, run, bowling, swimming, darts, whatever makes you smile.
  • Reading. For some of us this is the ultimate relaxation. Being able to sit down and have even half hour of quiet time to read a book is bliss. So why not take that time, make a cuppa, grab that book and read.
  • Yoga. For some of you the power of yoga will amaze you and you will wonder what took you so long to ty or get back to practising yoga. For other not so much, but it is always worth a try, cause even if it turns out it isn't your thing you might get a laugh out of trying. So grab a friend and give your local class a try.
  • Why not try boxing. When you are feeling frustrated rather than taking that out on our loved ones why not try boxing. Put all that frustration and anger into punching a bag.
  • Long soak in the bath. Light a candle, grab a book, make a tea, or pour the wine. Whatever way that makes this time perfect, as the saying goes, just do it.
  • Try a new hobby. Have you ever wanted to learn to knit or maybe how to tile a wall? Well there is no better time than now, by concentration on learning your new skills you will not be focusing on your home life and the pressures within.
  • Catch up with friends. Friends are there for us not just during the good times but also during the bad. So use that friendship and spend some time with your friends and share a few laughs.
  • Go see a movie. Whether it be a comedy for a good laugh or a romance for a good cry, chose a movie and wrap yourself in some one elses life for a while, and obviously whilst enjoying popcorn.
  • Grab a piece of chocolate. Not just is chocolate delicious, when we eat chocolate we release those feel good hormones - serotonin & endorphins, so the darker the chocolate the better.  
  • Make a pot of tea. Whether it be a green, white, herbal or black the art of making a pot and taking that time to drink it will allow you to stop that rollercoaster for just a short while.
  • Dance. Like nobody's watching. Put on your favourite tunes and boggy those blues away. I don't know anyone that can't keep the smile of their face when dancing along to their favourite song.
  • Make a list. This is can be about anything. Whether it is what you are sad, happy, thankful about in your life, the jobs that are required to happen around your home or even your shopping list. By placing these thoughts on paper they are no longer taking up space in your mind that space is better filled with fabulous thoughts.
  • Visit nature. When you get out of our houses and into the glorious sunshine that Australia is renowned for, we can't help but smile and breathe in that fresh air.
  • Listen to music. Choose your favourite song, turn it up loud, and sing to your heart's content. Studies have shown that singing can improve our immune response as well as release those feel good endorphins.
  • Do a crossword or puzzle. By using other parts of our brain we can compartmentalise for a short while and just enjoying using the frontal lobe
  • Enjoy a massage. I don't think we need to explain this one, so just relax and enjoy.
  • Try cuddling a loved one. Just give them a great big squeeze and pour your love into them. It will make your feel happy and them as well, so a win win situation.
  • Plan a vacation. Whether it's a night away or a week or two, who cares, a change of environment maybe what you need. So pack your bags and revel.
  • Start a journal. Remember when you were young when you could pour all your emotions into your journal, well why not try that again. By putting your worries, concerns and anger down on paper it may take away the intimidation and you can concentrate on other parts of your life.
  • Use visualisation. What is your favourite daydream? Use this daydream to remove yourself for a short time out of your reality. This visualisation can allow your body to adjust your mood and give you a smile. Ah the Hemsworth brothers ...
  • And the ultimate is …….. go ride a rollercoaster and scream your lungs out to your heart's content.