Mother of teenager BREAKS THE LAW for no good reason… unless revenge is a reason…

In order to properly pay homage to the teenage obsession with the constant taking and posting of selfies a (50 year old!) local mum has broken the law (of allowable age limits and locations for selfie-taking) by taking a selfie in the gym and posting it on line. Gasp!!

In case you were wondering (which I am sure you are not) gym pants are by Kmart ($10 – what a bargain!), top bought so long ago its origins are well forgotten and make up by “Absolutely No-one” – I’m sweating it up in a gym FGS!!

And now I’ve let slip it’s me!

Note to self – worry less about taking the photo before anyone sees you and you are kicked out and with that extra time wipe some of the sweat off and suck it all in a bit!

For the record, kid’s reactions ranged from “eeewww mum that’s just wrong!” to a laughing fit that was, TBH, a lot longer than really necessary.

Is there a profound message in this post? Not really. Perhaps that I haven’t died of shame and neither have they. Or “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!”



Posted: 24/07/2017 10:15:28 PM by Adrienne Donnelly
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