Who Are We

"I take my job seriously, not myself." K. Walker 2011

Hi there..... I'm Kate.

Most days you'll find me either with my clients or at home at my computer, dressed in gym gear, with a dog at my feet and a cat trying to walk across my keyboard (at the worst time!). 

I am mostly known for taking my job seriously and not myself. I love a joke, almost as much as I hate not being prepared!

People often refer to me as someone who will help anybody out. This is important to me.

I love being an Occupational Therapist. How fantastic to be able to help people return to function in their lives, doing the things they want to do, after something has happened in their lives that stopped things for a while. Such a privelege.

I am most passionate about working with the parents of difficult teenagers. I hate it when they have been beating themselves up for so long they have lost hope. I hate it even more when they have been offered "solutions" from people who start off by blaming them. Not true and so not helpful! They need to vent, they need to normalise their feelings and they need a plan that works.

I am grateful I can offer these parents the gift of acceptance, knowledge and genuine empathy. And a plan to move forward.

I know  it is not enough to share your own experiences with people.

I have learned through my clinical experiences as an Occupational Therapist that to truly help people you must be able to give way more than that. Relevant qualifications are so important - as is a thorough knowledge of the healthcare system, access to quality and current research, knowing how to listen properly, when to refer (and who to refer to) and, most importantly, letting parents know that they are doing their best and that is honestly all they can do.

I have learned that worrying about things you cannot control is an express ticket to Crazytown (no - I have never written that in a Uni paper!). It is also completely unhelpful to say things like "don't worry, it'll be ok." Folks want real help and a choice of options to get them through TODAY.

And so we learn to ride the Rollercoaster.......


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