Welcome to our FAQs page. We hope you find it helpful and have done our darnedest to cover the most probing of questions. If we haven't, please flip over to "Contact Us" and send us an email. Ta. K

Do I need a referral from my Doctor?

No you do not need a referral for a Health professional in the context of Rollercoaster Parents Network.

What happens in a one-on-one session?

I have found that the first session generally involves alot of talking by the parent and listening by us! I once had a parent say to me "that was like a really good vomit when you're sick - it's good to get it out." While not an obviously glowing report - it kind of is really - and I hear this sort of thing from people often.

Then we start to get specific about how the situation with their child is impacting their life. Sometimes we have to dig a bit and sometimes we don't!

Then we set about making some plans and goals for the parent to become more functional (because I am an OT and this is what I do!). Sometimes these plans include their job, their health (and other) routines, their child, their partner, their other children, the school, health professionals and sometimes other professionals. (eg their accountant). 

I never go into any meeting with clients with preconceptions. Clients leave appointments feeling better about themselves and with a practical, personal, clinically-informed plan they feel good about. With real action steps they can take straight away.

Can I just talk to you on the phone?

If there are no other options, yes, however I strongly prefer to meet clients face-to-face at least for the first session. There are strong clinical reasons for this and it is also a personal preference.

Yes you have to make an appointment.

What is the story with your 10 week course?

Our 10 week "Buckle Up" course is designed to give good quality information, practical help and   create a sense of community. I want our Rollercoaster to know they are certainly not going through this alone. I developed the course based on solid research, listening to my clients and having ALOT of experience designing and developing training programmes for some very big corporations. 

Our topics include: Venting, normalising and understanding why you feel the way you do, gaining perspective, forgiving yourself, working out what's not working, moving forward with a plan that makes you feel good and letting hope back in.  

A BIG BONUS for Buckle Up folk is our closed Facebook page. In this forum Rollercoasters can gain and share valuable insights and build their skills for getting through their experience as unscathed as possible, in a safe environment.

Final Note: It is absolutely amazing how often humour comes up in interactive groups. It is very therapeutic to see the absurdity in a situation and a brilliant technique to diffuse stress. 

Does my child attend meetings with me?


These meetings are about you and providing you a safe environment to share your stories and get practical help from experts in this field. 

Is there a fee?

Yes. There is a fee involved in attending our meetings and events.  Details are on our fees tab.

Is this my fault?

No it's not. Nor is there a simple answer for our child's behaviour. Or for your reaction for that matter. We have found that the most productive thing you can do is learn as much as you can about what is happening with your child, what you can do for yourself and make a plan to move forward. Step 2 - review the plan when things (inevitably!) change again!

My partner does not want to attend meetings, is this a problem?

No, it's not a problem at all. Sometimes it works better, however either is good. Sometimes it helps to go to different meetings and gather a broader range of perspectives. 

There isn't a seminar coming up in my area. Are you planning on booking other seminars?

Yes probably - depending on interest. If you have a particular area in mind, please contact us with your request. If we have enough interest we can definitely look at other options. Contact us 

I don't know if I should connect with o Rollercoaster Parents Network. Is it for me?

We have a few options for engaging with us. Do whatever is comfortable for you at the moment.

If you have a teenager and you are worried about them and their behaviour you will probably benefit from coming along to see us. There is no ongoing obligation. The most common feedback we get is "I feel better now." And for that alone it is worth showing up. 

Where are the one-on-one consultations held?

Face-to-face consults are held at Charlestown in Newcastle. We have a very comfy and safe location at 36 Tirriki Street. 

Who will I see for my appointments?

You will see either Kate, or another qualified health professional who has training in this field.

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