About Us

If you met me, you might think something like "she is well spoken, seems to know her stuff, jokes alot, drops f bombs into the conversation randomly and seems like she has her sh#t together in general"

After you got to know me a bit better you might think "she's invested alot in her education, loves her job, why has she adopted so many pets (?!), may well be a bit mad, always has a project/job of some sort on the go, loves her family, doesn't do bullsh#t well..."

What you will not pick up by looking at me, or from a brief conversation, is that having a child who hit their teens in a big way absolutely shocked me to the core and took me to a place I thought was worse than hell.

This is my new definition of hell:

Loving your child and also hating their behaviour (and sometimes them!)

Your home has turned into a war zone, as has your brain. There is no respite from the worry and anxiety. You cannot see a way out.

Just when you think their behaviour cannot get any worse, it does. 

You have tried getting help - talking to doctors, specialists, community youth services, psychologists, psychiatrists, the police, school counsellors, reading articles and researching. Sometimes it helps. But you still think they don't really get it. And you have run out of words.

You constantly fear what they will do next (and to who!). You constantly fear what they will say next (and to who). You dread the phone ringing. You dread the phone not ringing 


Then you realise your own life is turning to sh#t - you feel you are short changing everyone else around you because there is nothing left of you after dealing with your child - including your other family members, your job, community committments, business and friends .

You, my friend, have jumped on the ROLLERCOASTER. 

And we would love to help you.


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